Getting started


pip install wgpu


  • Python 3.6 or higher is required. Pypy is supported.
  • The required wgpu-native library is distributed as part of the wgpu-py package.
  • The only other dependency is cffi (installed automatically by pip).

System requirements

The system must be new enough to support Metal or Vulkan:

  • Windows: fine on Windows 10, probably older Windows versions too when DX12 can be used.
  • MacOS: version 10.13 High Sierra or higher.
  • Linux: Vulkan must be available.

About this API

This library presents a Pythonic API for the WebGPU spec. It is an API to control graphics hardware. Like OpenGL, but modern. GPU programming is a craft that requires knowledge of how GPU’s work. See the guide for more info and links to resources.