Getting started


pip install wgpu


  • Python 3.7 or higher is required. Pypy is supported.
  • The required wgpu-native library is distributed as part of the wgpu-py package.
  • The only other dependency is cffi (installed automatically by pip).

System requirements

The system must be new enough to support Metal or Vulkan:

  • Windows: fine on Windows 10, probably older Windows versions too when DX12 can be used.
  • MacOS: version 10.13 High Sierra or higher.
  • Linux: Vulkan must be available.

About this API

This library presents a Pythonic API for the WebGPU spec. It is an API to control graphics hardware. Like OpenGL but modern, or like Vulkan but higher level. GPU programming is a craft that requires knowledge of how GPU’s work. See the guide for more info and links to resources.

What’s new in this version?

Since the API changes with each release, and we do not yet make things backwards compatible. You may want to check the changelog when you upgrade to a newer version of wgpu: